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Castle is well-recognized Test preparation Center that furnishes both students and business individuals. We focus on intensive and personalized training. Our teams are experts and professional in their respective fields. Thus, castle assures progressive training that helps to shape high scores in the test. We organize not more than 15 learners per class in order to guarantee the class efficiency with the support of latest technology.


TOEFL, as directed by ETS, is a prime requirement for non-native speakers. The English proficiency test is one of the major prerequisites to those who wants to pursue their higher education study in the English speaking nations. Castles helps to shape interested students who aspire to pursue their education in the English level universities. Castle support both versions of a test .i.e. Computer based test and paper based test. We organize two hours per day course for six weeks to enhance and improvise students’ ability. We in a close range examine our students and help them with technique to facilitate their efficiency.


The four major area that the IELTS measures a student’s capability and efficiency are: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Each module is evaluated with a band score of 0 to 9. As IELTS was suggested to evaluate the English proficiency of non-native speaker in English, we organize effective classes to help a student achieve their target.  The castle preparation course runs for six weeks and each day held for two hours. The test is measured by the British Council and IDP Australia.  We manage the preparation classes and test registration procedure and test attending schedule for the students.


The New SAT is scored on a scale of 200- 800 (for math, reading, and writing) amounting to a total score of 2400 and is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors. The test is offered several times a year. Education Asia caters to the need of undergraduate students preparing the N-SAT test for scholarships in the American Institutions. English and the Math sections of this test measures the reasoning skills of the students. Two different Instructors address the need of the students in the two sections so that the students get a solution to every query. The institute helps them in the materialization of the students’ aspiration to do excellent in the test including the surety of the students’ access to all the online and library resources.

The SAT comprises the section of math, reading and writing, 200-800 points for each section and altogether 2400 points. The test can be attained several times a year.

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

Castle educational institute phenomenally organizes GRE section/ class in order to enhance students’ efficiency and ability to attain high marks in the test. GRE among other as well is a standardized English proficiency test that helps students to get access to English-medium universities or colleges. Castle supports those students who aim to get further education at English native universities by conducting regular classes two hours per day for six weeks. The classes run from Monday to Friday. In the like manner, we as well organize the mock test in order to enhance students’ capacity and counsel them accordingly as per their weakness for further improvement.

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

Graduate Management Admission Test is governed by GMAT on CAT format. GMAT is the pre-required test for those who aims to pursue their Business education in the U.S, India, Australia, New Zealand and other nations. The test as well is required in order to get registration for Ph.D. The test, however, does not specify any scholarship.

We access the GMAT in phenomenal and material oriented instructions and guidance. We provide relevant techniques to help the students so that can easily get admittance to a high level of difficult questions. Castle GMAT course is conducted two hours per day and five days in a week, starting from Monday to Friday.

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