Mission, Vision & Objectives

The key objectives of Castle of mentioned below:

  • To serve as an organization for pooling all information, about educational opportunities in various streams in Colleges / Universities in Nepal and abroad so that the same is shared with the student community.
  • To improvise the high quality and diverse education in the national and international higher education level.
  • To generate awareness about the social, political, economic and cultural aspects and their impact on global higher education.
  • To extend the qualitative message regarding the educational opportunities available around the globe.
  • To be appropriate framework in term of guidance, counselling and facilitating students with proper course selections.
  •  To be at equilibrium co-ordination with students career path and decision.
  • To represent Castle as a mediator or medium for Universities in U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Finland, Netherland and other European countries.
  • To be help to the Universities in faculty selection and course formalization as well when required.
  •  To play supportive role for the Universities providing eligible students.
  • To play the associated role to both Universities and the Government and help them to create environment of common interest.
  • To go through regular allocation and assistance of newsletters, journals and books.
  • To organize and administer programs that helps to enhance the standard of teaching, instructions, research, examination, library management and much others for the growth and improvement of knowledge.
  • To regulate cultural exchange programs in order to promote peace, friendliness and hospitality.
  • To acknowledge every interested applicants and concerned authority through seminar on the matter of international subjects and importance.
  •  To promote and put front welfare programs and cultural exchange program as well.
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